Although I have taken responsibility for “populating” most of its pages and for updating and maintaining this website, I cannot take credit for everything that appears on all the pages. Fr Pawel has brought his super IT expertise to the website and has made lots of improvements since he joined our parish. Fr Pawel also provides the content appearing on many pages and, of course, the “Ministry in Polish” page. Then, Tanya produces the weekly Newsletter and uploads it on the “Parish Newsletter” page and Josie provides the content of the “Parish Diary” page and the “St Simon’s News” page or any other page for which the various organisations in the parish submit to her for inclusion on their dedicated page. I do the same when those organisations submit their editorial contributions to me.

To make any comments about this website or to submit an editorial to be published on any of its pages, please submit your suggestions/articles to me: Alfredo De Vergori at alfredotechno1@gmail.com.

  Thank you