When I need help…

Assistance/Help Policy

There are times when parishioners in our community need help.  To ensure we have a system in place so that they can get the help they need, we are setting out in this policy how that can be achieved.

  • A parishioner may recommend themselves to the Parish Priest for help.
  • A parishioner may recommend to the Parish Priest, someone else they know who needs help.
  • The Parish Priest may nominate a member of the Finance Team to deal with this request, if he believes that is the best option.
  • The Parish Priest (or his nominee) will discuss with the parishioner what are their needs and look for ways to help:
  1. If the need is for food, help may be sought from the food bank.
  2. If help from the food bank is not appropriate, for example, milk or food for a baby, cash may be given to purchase the items.
  3. If help is for other needs, for example, shoes or clothes for a child, cash may be given to purchase these items.
  4. Each occasion of assistance/help is unique and should be dealt with accordingly.
  5. The maximum amount of cash which can be given is £100.
  6. If cash is given to the parishioner, a form should be signed with the details of the parishioner and their signature, with a request that receipts be given to the Parish Priest (or his nominee) once the items have been purchased.
  7. The file should be maintained by the Finance Officer.
  • Forms for each occasion when assistance/help has been given should be filed; receipts should be attached to each form when they have been returned.
  • All matters regarding assistance/help for parishioners are confidential.