Medway Foodbank

16th July 2021

Hello to all our Supporters,

Thank you all for your much-needed ongoing support of Medway Foodbank.

At this difficult time in all our lives, we are finding that the need for our help has increased considerably.  The stock levels of several items that we supply to those in crisis have dropped significantly and in order for us to be able to continue to offer the same level of support to those facing a time of financial crisis, we continue to need your help.  Please find attached (in two print sizes) Medway Foodbank’s latest stock shortage or ‘shopping’ list. This focuses on items that we particularly need in stock right now.  We aim to provide a broad spread of basic provisions and some treats and extras where we can.

Medway Foodbank only works with non-perishable food items (tinned and dried goods), which do not spoil or decay, i.e. not fresh, chilled or “use by” dated items. All items should be unopened, in date (i.e. within the “best before date” or BBD) and in good condition. This means that neither the foodbank nor the recipient has to worry about storing the food in a fridge or freezer, and there is less likelihood of food going to waste.  It also means that we can give each client a food parcel that contains three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food, as well as provide some small treats to help brighten their lives, particularly those of the many children we help to support. We also take non-food items such as toiletries and cleaning products, as these are also needed by the clients who come to us.

We are also currently in need of carrier bags, or suitable alternatives, in which we may deliver the items to our clients. We realise that plastic carrier bags are not ideal from an environmental point of view, but if you have some in good condition that you do not need, please ‘recycle’ them by giving them to Medway Foodbank. You could leave bags of them at our collection points or contact us for collection. They will really help our delivery service.

Please note: At the moment we are asking that you do not bring donations directly to our warehouse without first contacting the office – this is in order to keep you and our teams as safe as possible during the pandemic. We are able to collect donations from you. Please call our office on 01634 757057 to arrange a collection or delivery. Office hours: Tues – Thurs 9.30am – 3.30pm & Fri 9.30am – 1.30pm

Supermarket Collection Points: Several supermarkets and shops have Medway Foodbank collection points. Please note that for the two Tesco and two Asda stores, these points can only be used for items purchased in-store. The reason they are different is that these supermarkets also donate a financial top-up for items bought and donated by the public in their stores which we really appreciate.

Spareable: Instead of popping something extra in your basket or trying to get donations to us, you could help today by buying something from our foodbank’s wish list in the Spareable app (download from here or your usual App Store). You can also purchase gift vouchers for us through the app if you prefer this, in lieu of making monetary donations for purchasing food.

Financial donations towards the cost of the work are also very helpful.  Information about financial donations and other ways you can support Medway Foodbank is on our website: A QR code link is also on the attached lists – this will take you to our Golden Giving page.

I hope you find this information useful. Please do contact the office if you have any questions or need further information. Thank you for your ongoing help, support and prayers – Medway Foodbank would not operate without your generosity.

Thank you and kind regards,

Medway Foodbank

Please download the Shopping List. Thank you

Unit 19, Riverside 1
Sir Thomas Longley Road
Medway City Estate

Rochester  ME2 4DP

Tel: 01634 757057

Office Open: Tuesday – Thursday 9.30am – 3.30pm, Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm

Warehouse Open: Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am – 3.30pm, Thursday 9.30am-1pm

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Message from the Medway Foodbank received 02/06/21

I am writing to pass on a heartfelt “Thank you” from the team at Medway Foodbank for the wonderful donation of £519.00 that we  received from the Church through the post yesterday.  I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the additional gift of £30 enclosed with the above, trusting that our thanks to the donors can be passed on to them too.  We are very appreciative of your gifts as it has been an exceptionally busy 14 months for us here at the Foodbank, with a demand on our Service that we have never experienced before and which has resulted in the necessity to buy-in provisions for the food parcels we give out.

However, we serve a Mighty God who is a very caring heavenly Father and He has blessed us throughout, providing for us in ways that we could never have imagined!  Your gift is a tremendous blessing to us which will flow over into the wider community.  May you in turn experience many rich blessings from the Lord as you continue to engage in your own outreach work in your locality.

Please convey our grateful thanks to the whole congregation for their kindness and generosity.

An email message from the Medway Foodbank team received Friday 26th March 2021

On behalf of us all here at Medway Foodbank, please find attached a certificate of thanks for your generous support during 2020. It was a difficult year for many residents in Medway and your kind donations enabled us to support everyone who needed it. We are truly grateful for all you have done.

God bless,

The Medway Foodbank team


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