Our Fundraising Team consists of volunteer parishioners who meet and plan various events during the year giving generously of their time, skills and energy to organise Quiz Nights, Pamper Events, Auctions, Raffles, Summer Fêtes and any other event that greatly contribute to the Parish efforts of raising much needed funds.

I am going to have my head shaved by Fr Bart at some point during our Parish Summer Fête on Saturday 13th July 2019. It will be a bit of fun and I am asking for your financial support so that together, we can all contribute to our fundraising efforts to continue to improve the upkeep of our parish.

Donation can be made online via our parish dedicated JustGiving page (in the name of Fr Bart), which can be accessed by clicking here. Please feel free to pass this on to any member of your family, friends, and neighbours or to whomever you think would be willing to help us out. Thank you.

If you are not confident with doing things online, please put your donation in an envelope clearly marked “Head Shave” and place it in the Collection next time you go to Mass. If you are a UK tax payer and you wish your contribution to be Gift Aided, please put your details in the envelope as well. Thank you.

Anyone can organise a sponsored activity or event. Here are a few ideas:
Sponsored walk,
Sponsored swim,
Sponsored singing,
Sponsored bike run,
Sponsored car wash,
If you have any more ideas, please email them to me (webmaster) and I will publish them here. Thank you.

If you feel inspired and want to do your own “thing”, please go ahead and use the link to our parish Just Giving page so that your supporters can donate online too.

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Hand Crafted Greeting Cards for all occasions are sold regularly in the Parish Hall as are Home Made Cakes and Biscuits. All these items are prepared by teams of volunteer parishioners who donate not only their time and effort but also all the relevant material and ingredients needed.

Social Events and Fundraising activities taking place in 2019. Please enter the following dates in your diaries.

The Easter Raffle Draw will take place on Easter Sunday 21st April after the 11am Mass.
19th May – Celebration of the Feast of St Simon Stock with usual Sponsored Walk, BBQ and other fun-filled activities.
13th July – Summer Fete with the usual stalls for the sale of goods and more fun-filled activities like Alfredo having his head shaved by Fr Bart.
30th November – Christmas Fair with all the traditional stalls and more.
7th December – Christmas Quiz night. Our now famous hilarious and enjoyable evening of good Christmas Cheer.


Click on the following list to learn more about the current Fundraising Schemes operated in the Parish.

Nasza grupa pozyskująca fundusze na cele parafii składa się z wolontariuszy którzy spotykają się i organizują różne imprezy takie jak  aukcje, loterie,festyny. Wolontariusze pomagaja bezinteresownie poświęcając swój czas i energię aby jak najwięcej dopomóc finansowo naszej parafii która jest w wielkiej potrzebie.

Kartki świateczne ręcznie wykonywane oraz wypieki domowe sprzedawane są regularnie w sali parafialnej gdzie dochód ze sprzedaży zasila budżet parafii.

Imprezy i działania fundrainsingowe  w 2019

19 Maj  – Odpust w Naszej Parafii
13 Lipiec – Letni festyn
30 Listopad – Kiermasz Bożonarodzeniowy
7 Grudzień – Bożonarodzeniowy wieczór Quizowy

Zapraszamy w przyszłości także  na wiele innych imprez i wydarzeń które są jeszcze w trakcie realizacji.

Kliknij na poniższy opis aby dowiedzieć się więcej o projektach fundraisingowych działających w naszej parafii.

The Gift Aid Scheme, or… to increase your contribution without having to physically put more money in the Collection – ….czyli jak zwiększyć składane ofiary nie płacąc więcej

The 100 Club, our Parish Lottery – Loteria Parafialna

The Giving Machine, or … to provide additional contributions without having to increase your personal donations – …czyli jak pozyskać dodatkowe fundusze nie płacąc więcej

Leave a Gift in your Will