Volunteering for your Parish

The good news is: Donate8 does not ask for money – just some practical help!

Donate8 is a volunteering scheme, which asks for help in the day-to-day running of the Parish without the need to attend meetings or joining committees. Tasks needing support are often simple (please see list below) and parishioners are asked to volunteer 8 hours of their time throughout the year to help to save money which would otherwise be spent to employ contractors to do these jobs.
Tasks and needs not listed below are advertised, from time to time, on the Donate8 Tasks Board in the entrance porch and in weekly newsletters and we ask all parishioners to take a look, be inspired to get involved and then fill in a Donate8 Task Card and post in the Red Box, all of which is situated by the Tasks Board in the porch.
The volunteers are then contacted by one of the Donate8 Team to discuss how and when they would like to donate their 8 hours – all in one go or in several stages, or even in part – the choice is entirely conscience-based and up to the volunteer after consulting the Parish calendar of events already planned.

Anyone can take part in Donate8, so……………

………..Don’t wait – Donate8!

Listed here are some of the most common tasks carried out on regular basis:
– Small repairs to kneelers throughout the Church.
– Repairs to blinds in the Hall.
– Clear leaves and other items from gutters around Church roof.
– Clear weeds around the car park and around the Church building.
– Clear weeds and prune bushes in the small flower bed to the left of the driveway.
– Clean all windows inside and out, including high-level windows on the Church building.
– Replace burnt out lights/fluorescent tubes.
– Clear rubbish from car park and from around the Church grounds.
– Take away full refuse sacks from the bins in the corner of the car park and dispose of them because the Council regards the Church as business premises and will charge for refuse collection.
– Prune tree branches overhanging car park fence.

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