Baptism is the first Sacrament of Christian initiation. When given to children it is always because of the faith of their parents. If you wish your child to be Baptised, please contact Fr Pawel and arrange a meeting with him. He is happy to meet you at the Presbytery or visit you at home.

When talking to Fr Pawel you will be asked:

  • about your home address (to find out if you are resident in the Parish)
  • to share your faith experience and belonging to the Catholic Church
  • to declare your marital status
  • to give reasons why you wish your child/children to be Baptised
  • to fill out the Application Form for Baptism
  • to provide the Baptismal certificate of one of the parents
  • to attend the Preparation Course for parents
  • to think about the best choice of godparents for your child
  • to think about possible dates for the Baptism


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