Liturgy Team

The Parish Liturgy Group was formed to support the Parish Priest in the delivery of the Liturgy and to coordinate the different Ministries that assist in the Liturgy.

Representatives from people involved with Reading, Altar Serving, Eucharistic Ministers, Musicians, Catechists and Children’s Liturgy were invited.  The group focuses particularly on Special Services, such as at Christmas, Easter, Reconciliation Services and the monthly vigils, but also discusses the regular Sunday and daily Liturgies.

The Group is also responsible for devising and overseeing training for the various Ministries.  The current members are Josie Ryder, Mavis Westbrook, Alfredo and Tricia De Vergori, Deacon Martin Smith, Trisha Mineham (representing the congregation at St Benedict’s Mass centre), Catherine Law, John Morris and Liz Simmons.  If anyone has anything they would like discussed at the Group’s meetings, please see one of these people (Trisha is available at St. Benedict’s).

Notes from the most recent meeting will be displayed on the church notice board.

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