AGM Church Cleaning

It’s almost impossible to imagine that it’s already over a year since the Church Cleaning Group was formed by several volunteers in our parish who have been, and continue to do, an excellent job, keeping our place of worship, and the House of God, clean and tidy for us all.

Several members of the Group met with Fr Bart recently when a lot of items were discussed and clarified. A kind of “job specification” was produced in order not to teach how to do cleaning, but to standardise the tasks so that every member of each team will perform their “job” in a way that is fair for all concerned.

All parishioners are invited to volunteer to offer their Time & Talents by joining this important Group in our parish so that cover can be provided throughout the year, especially during periods of sickness or during holiday breaks.

“Many hands make light work” so if anyone is willing to come and join any of the 4 groups, please contact the parish office. Thank you.



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