Live Stream and YouTube

For every day live – stream 6.00 – 9.00 pm from Divine Retreat Centre in Ramsgate click here.

Before coming to church to participate in the celebration of Mass, please download the NHS Test and Trace Card here, complete it and bring it with you. Thank you

Act of Spiritual Communion
When the celebration of the Mass reaches the time of Holy Communion, all participants can receive Spiritual Communion by joining Fr Pawel in saying the Act of Spiritual Communion. A downloadable version is available by clicking here. Thank you.

LS – Events marked with ‘LS’ are live-streamed only and you can watch them from this page.
IC – Events marked with ‘IC’ are happening in the church and are live-streamed
FG – Events marked with ‘FG’ are happening on the football grounds and are live-streamed
CD – Events marked with ‘CD’ are happening behind the closed doors of the church, not live-streamed, attendance by invitation only

Saturday – 19th September
FG – 6.00 pm Mass The Margurite Team, Magdalena, Ania Alexander, Milada, Arianna, Violetta & Agnieszka

For Mass Antiphons week commencing 20th September 2020 please click here.

Sunday – 20th September
FG – 10.00 Mass In Thanksgiving   

Monday – 21st September – St Matthew, The Apostle
No Live Stream –  Private Mass For the Souls of Priests in Purgatory

Tuesday – 22nd September 
IC – 10.00 am Mass Violet Connel RIP

Wednesday – 23rd September
IC – 10.00 am Mass for Bill and Patricia McDonagh

followed by Adoration till 11.30 am

Thursday – 24th September – Our Lady of Walsingham
IC – 8.00 pm Mass for the People of the Parish

Friday – 25th September
LS only- 10.00 am Private Mass for Fr Bart’s intentions

Saturday – 26th September

FG – 6.00 pm Mass for the People of the Parish

Sunday – 27th September
FG – 10.00 Mass Francis and Burgess Families RIP