Hire the Hall


Emaus Hall is the centre of our Parish Catechesis. It is also used by many of the Parish Groups for their regular meetings and for fundraising events. Regularly tea and coffee is served there after the Saturday evening and Sunday morning Mass as well as after the Wednesday Mass. All are welcome to join us there for a friendly chat and to get to know each other.


The Hall measures approximately: 9m long x 8.5m wide x 4m high. It is interconnected with the main body of the Church by means of a sliding concertina door which facilitates access after Services. There is a small kitchen with a serving hatch which is suitable for catering for a maximum of 80 people for a sit down meal, however 100 people can be accommodated for stand-up finger buffet style catering. Banqueting chairs and round tables are available to those who use the Hall.


The Hall is also available for hire by Parishioners and/or permitted users on application to the Parish Office. The charge for hiring the Hall is as follows: £30 for the first hour plus £10 for each subsequent hour or part there of. Please note that the hire period includes the access time for setting up and the time needed for cleaning and clearing the Hall after your event. If you would like to hire the Hall, please download the Hire Agreement by clicking here , print the last page of the Agreement (page 8), complete it in block capitals and return it to the Parish Office together with your payment. We would be grateful for your full cooperation.