AGM Extraordinary Ministers and Readers Rota report

The present circumstances remind me of the time when laity participation in the Eucharist extended beyond an altar boy with a plate and the Priest waited until sufficient “Eucharistic Ministers”  arrived on the altar.

The present rota finishes on the 10th of May.  A new one would seem superfluous until the situation improves sufficiently.  I will have an undated one ready but it will not be available until a start date can be fixed.

In the mean time we welcome three new readers, Sandra Rocco, Bola Seidu and Alicja Borkowska who will be included in any new rota.

My thanks to every one for their cooperation with the rota, arranging swaps, stepping in at a moment’s notice and signing up for Christmas and Easter duties.

All the best,

John Morris



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