AGM Choir report

The choir continues to support the liturgy during Mass and other services and Christmas carol services and Midnight Mass were very successful and well attended. We are preparing for all the Holy Week and Easter Services at the moment.

We have again had a welcome addition to the choir this year – Ellen an alto, who joined just before Christmas and did brilliantly well with all the new music she had to learn at very short notice. We still need more male singers, especially tenors, as we have lost Joe (our only tenor) who is now at University. If anyone would like to join, please come along to church on Thursday evenings at 8pm for a practice which is usually an hour to an hour and half long. You don’t need to read music, you just need to enjoy singing. It is a scientifically provden fact that singing in a choir is excellent for your health – both physical and mental wellbeing – as it makes the brain produce endorphins and you synchronise your breathing with everyone else. A workout for your voice, brain and body! Also the saying goes, “Those who sing pray twice” so it’s also brilliant for your spiritual wellbeing.

Unfortunately we have been unable to replace Mike our rehearsal pianist/organist who died last year. Barbara Salamonczyk very kindly helped us out by playing at our rehearsals before Christmas but could not carry on afterward. We are struggling along without an accompanist, and Val valiantly steps in when she is needed but she would rather sing. We still therefore desperately need a pianist/organist to help us on a Thursday evening, as no accompanist makes it very difficult to learn anything new.

We are available to sing at weddings, funerals and other events upon request.


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